Welcome to TKT Hightech Cast Pvt. Ltd.

TKT Hightech Cast Pvt. Ltd., was founded in the year 2010 by Mr. Bharat Thakkar an entrepreneur with a vast experience of 30 years in foundry industries right from conventional foundry to investment castings foundry. TKT Cast is based -at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The Company is jointly managed by a young team consisting of Mr. Kunal B Thakkar, Mr. Tyagraj B Thakkar, and Mr. Himanshu R Thakkar who have a similar industry background and are with the company from 2004.

TKT has a planned production capacity of 1500 metric tons per month and is the 3rd fully automated foundry with Sinto Installation for Flaskless High Pressure Moulding line (with FCMX II) in India and the 1st in Gujarat.

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